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Cooking classes and produce by Glenda Maes

In the near future we will be offering a range of cordials that have been developed using seasonal fruit, mostly citrus based with spices as flavourings. Small cooking classes for groups of 4-6 people will also be offered. Please enter your email address below to register your interest.

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The Story

The Pomegranate Tree

The Pomegranate Tree is a Food Business of Glenda Maes, who has spent the best part of her life as a Food & Technology teacher. She has co-authored 5 editions of Food, People & Technology for Secondary schools. Glenda has also worked as a Catering Officer at the Alfred Hospital and as a freelance Home Economist. She has worked as a Food demonstrator at the Prahran Market in Melbourne.

She has also managed to combine her passion for food with travel. She attended a live in 7 day course in Tuscany with Stephanie Alexander & Maggie Beer and The Foods Of Vietnam Tour with Joanna Savil. Trips to California, Singapore, Cambodia and Germany have all added to a rich culinary knowledge.

Glenda lives in Ballarat, Victoria.


My Food Philosophy is based around using fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients and a background rich in home cooking.

Glenda has established a small vegetable garden producing seasonal crops, a herb garden, fruit trees and bushes. She produces all her own preserves with the seasonal bounty. These include jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles and sauces. She also believes in using free range animal products and supporting local farmer’s markets.

What's in a name

The Pomegranate Tree is based on a memory of an old, gnarled tree at my parent’s in-laws (Iris & Syd Davis) property in Dimboola, Victoria.

It was the first time I had seen a Pomegranate and the rich, red jewels that spilled out as Iris cut open the fruit. The Pomegranates from that tree were often used as a display with other fruits in our home. Now I have cultivated my own tree and hope to have Pomegranates used in many recipes but the memory of that old tree has remained with me.

Produce & Cooking Classes

The Pomegranate Tree label will be offering in the near future a range of cordials that have been developed using seasonal fruit, mostly citrus based with spices as flavourings. These cordials are aimed at a more mature palate that can be drunk with iced water, soda water and as a mixer in cocktails. Some can be used with cold tea as a refreshing summer drink.

Small group cooking classes (4-6 people) will also be offered in the near future.


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